Digitise the Nation

21 Apr 2010

The Irish Internet Association is on a mission – to Digitise the Nation. From 17-21 May 2010, we will be hosting a national campaign which will be a ‘red nose day’ for the internet industry in Ireland.

We want to reach businesses, consumers, students, children and grandparents. This is an opportunity for every one of our members to bring their skills and capabilities to the very widest audience, showing everyone how the internet can be used to communicate with friends and family, transact business to business and business to consumer.

Call to action!

What can you do? We are asking all of our members to use the Digitise the Nation week to showcase your business’ skills and expertise. Share your ideas with the world.

There will be themes throughout the week around which you can run activities, creating a forum for everyone to get involved in promoting web activities for the week. Each day’s themes will focus on a key area of the internet in Ireland, from business productivity to connectivity, from web entrepreneurship to social media and consumers.

We’re looking for you to come up with innovative ideas and exciting activities that you will run on each of the days. Video guides, top web tips, eBay auctions and Twitter events – what ideas do you have? Get your community involved.

This is an exciting opportunity for IIA members to collectively promote the Irish internet industry and thereby grow awareness and ultimately sales. The digital economy is the economy. We just need to bring everyone else online.

So if you want to be involved, email joan@iia.ie and tell us what you plan to do.

Some Ideas to get you started …

·    We want to create an online time capsule of online Ireland 2010. We would like you to upload videos to the dedicated IIA YouTube channel and share your photos on Pix.ie

·    Make your mum a star – show her how to create her own Julie and Julia style home cookery programme!

·    Show your Dad how he can earn a DTN ‘merit badge/certificate’ by simply learning how to take a digital photo, upload it to his PC and tag and upload it to Pix.ie.

·    Run a clinic for your local business community on your area of expertise – SEO, social media?

·    Run a Skype-a-thon in your community where people can drop in and learn how to Skype with their children and grandchildren living abroad.

·    Get your local sports club tweeting.

The week’s schedule:

Digitise the Nation will run Monday to Friday.

Theme days are as follows:

Monday 17 May – Business productivity

Tuesday 18 May – Connectivity

Wednesday 19 May – Entrepreneurship

Thursday 20 May – IIA 2020Vision Conference and Net Visionary Awards (Click here to book).

Friday 21 May – The consumer and social media