15 Irish firms selected for Google Adopt a Startup programme

23 May 2019

From left: William Conaghan, Change Donations; James Allen, Google; Lizzy Hayashida, Change Donations; and Jamie Kelly, Change Donations. Image: Chris Bellew/Fennell Photography

The Google Adopt a Startup ambition is to grow companies from start-up to scale-up.

15 Irish tech start-ups have been accepted to join the latest Google Adopt a Startup Programme and will work with Google executives to identify how they can more quickly scale up.

The companies selected for the Spring Adopt a Startup programme are: Allergy Lifestyle, VRAI, Change Donations, ConstructionBOS, Coroflo, Danalto, EdgeTier, FarmHedge, Limtz, Moby, PepTalk, RideShair, SureSitter, Teemie and Wrkit.

‘The start-ups selected all demonstrate significant innovation and we believe have the opportunity to create new jobs and add value in their local communities’

Over the next eight weeks, the start-ups will undertake an intense programme of exclusive lectures and workshops, one-on-one onsite support with a team of passionate Googlers, and unique networking opportunities at Google’s EMEA headquarters.

Each start-up will focus on the four crucial stages of growth: understanding your customer, building your brand, growing globally and scaling your organisation.

Participants will benefit from expertise and support in topics such as analytics and UX, pitching and networking, automation and machine learning, and how best to plan for global growth.

Scaling to new heights

Following the completion of the programme, each start-up will have the chance to pitch their own unique growth plan to a panel of select judges.

The prizes up for grabs include €10,000 in Google Ads credit and eligibility for the Google Cloud Programme, which includes $100,000 in Google Cloud Credit.

“Our focus is on the priority areas that will help these companies scale for growth and identify new opportunities for their businesses,” said Google director Paddy Flynn.

“The start-ups selected all demonstrate significant innovation and we believe have the opportunity to create new jobs and add value in their local communities. The team at Google are incredibly excited to start working with these ambitious start-ups and help them realise their businesses potential.”

The 15 start-ups are:

Organisation Information Website
Allergy Lifestyle Allergy Lifestyle safely manages allergies, anaphylaxis or asthma by bringing together a range of products, resources and training. https://www.allergylifestyle.com/
Change Donations Change Donations is building a community of everyday philanthropists donating one cent at a time to incredible causes. https://www.changedonations.com
ConstructionBOS ConstructionBOS provides off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for construction suppliers. https://constructionbos.comm
Coroflo Coroflo has developed an accurate breastfeeding monitor, Coro, so mothers can know exactly how much milk their baby is getting. https://www.coroflo.com/
Danalto Danalto IoT technologies provide data and insight to where it is needed in business operations. https://www.danalto.com/
EdgeTier EdgeTier has developed Arthur, an automated agent assistant for the customer service industry to answer queries with a personal touch. https://www.edgetier.com/
FarmHedge FarmHedge is a way for farmers to easily coordinate their decisions with other farmers when buying farm inputs or selling crops. https://farmhedge.io/
Limtz Limtz specialises in prepaid card programme management, using a B2B model. https://www.limtz.com/
Moby Moby is a green energy, urban mobility start-up committed to the design and deployment of innovative transport solutions. https://mobymove.com/
PepTalk PepTalk is a workplace wellbeing technology platform that is supercharging the performance of organisations. https://www.peptalk.ie/
RideShair RideShair is a white-label, software platform that connects airline passengers and event attendees who can share taxis to and from 3,000 airports globally. https://www.rideshair.com/
SureSitter SureSitter makes it easy for you to find childcare that others in your community know, trust and use. http://www.suresitter.com/
Teemie Teemie makes team management software for retail, hospitality and other non-corporate environments. https://teemieapp.com/
Wrkit Wrkit is an employee, member and customer engagement firm, providing clients with a web-based platform that includes surveys, rewards and recognition, lifestyle savings, learning, and wellbeing software. https://wrkit.com
VRAI VRAI is a B2B company focused on virtual and augmented reality, with two years of experience producing premium immersive content for global clients such as Samsung and the United Nations. https://vrai.ie/


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years