Irish Wayra start-up BragBet to meet US investors

22 Oct 2012

BragBet, a company accelerated by Wayra Ireland, is heading to Miami in December to present to the US investor company alongside a number of other Wayra projects from 11 countries.

BragBet is an online and mobile service that allows users to create a team, throw money into the team kitty and then enjoy banter and a few bets while following their favourite sports.

There is huge growth in social gaming and gambling and through BragBet, users will enjoy a new kind of fun, interactive betting experience. This will particularly appeal to the digital native market, who have grown up with social networking and expect a more entertaining experience.

BragBet will join a selection of Wayra start-ups that have been accelerated this year at its 12 centres in Latin America and Europe.

The portfolio of participating companies in this first Global demoDay 2012 maintains a careful balance in terms of maturity and development of the products, geographical diversity, market size and business areas.

The start-ups will present innovative proposals in response to current business problems and opportunities in areas such as cloud computing, video, HTML5, financial services, mobile applications, e-health and security, among others.

“Global Demo Day gives BragBet a great chance to pitch to major US and international investors who are seeking investment opportunities in high-growth markets,” Karl Aherne, Wayra Ireland director, explained.

“BragBet has an experienced executive team, an outstanding product and are ready to launch in key markets. These are all crucial elements for investors,” Aherne said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years