Netseek aims to make e-commerce easy for SMEs

8 Feb 2011

A small group of IT professionals have come together to offer a full suite of e-commerce solutions to the SME sector with a new company called Netseek.

Co-founders of Netseek, Denis Dolan and Gerard Hanna, have several years’ experience in the IT sector between them.

Dolan has worked with DSGi, Morphues and Logica, one of the forerunners in the development of text messaging.

Hanna has held many senior operational roles in telecoms and internet companies, start-ups and established organisations. He also worked with Ericsson, pioneers of the first commercial web-to-phone messaging service.

Netseek offers SMEs established e-commerce solutions with high quality and standards, value and ease of use. The solutions offer a flexible interface, trouble-free integration into existing systems, market campaigns, product launches and seasonal focus.

“We can integrate fully managed e-commerce operations within your existing organisation, removing the need to reallocate existing resources to the operation of a web store,” said Dolan.

“Netseek offers a new way to manage your online sales. We work in partnership with you from inception to launch and onwards as required as your dedicated e-commerce team.”

Data Rich Online Directory

New for 2011 is the introduction of the Data Rich Online Directory. “We felt existing online directories fell very short in detail and did not offer value for money,” Dolan explained.

“We are launching our directory towards the end of February, incorporating our developed software (TAKEU2), which enables users who land on a particular entry within the directory on a search to transfer that particular data from the directory to mobile phone users.”

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