Silicon Valley investor joins board of Belfast-based Planzai

3 Jun 2011

Seasoned Silicon Valley investor David Kirk has joined the board of pioneering Belfast web and mobile software firm Planzai after making an investment in the company.

Kirk is a former senior vice president at Cisco Systems and vice president of AOL’s Corporate and Business Information Systems’ division.

“I’ve been working with Planzai since early 2010”, said David, “since then I’ve experienced the product mature and the team develop.

“There is a definite opportunity for Planzai to expand and to become a truly global brand. I look forward to working ever-more closely with Rich and the Planzai team in realising the product’s full, worldwide potential.”

Multi-platform app creators

Planzai is an innovative, multi-platform, app, which assists consumers and businesses to complete projects and tasks they are unfamiliar with. It successfully integrates expert knowledge and guidance, into an easy to use web and mobile app.

“Developed in Belfast, Planzai helps consumers and businesses to do things they have never done before, by presenting expertly written, project management templates as a simple and easy to use web and mobile app,” explained Rich Dale, CEO of Planzai.

“Each template is written by an experienced professional and provides a breakdown of individual tasks required to complete a specific project. Tasks are clearly defined and detailed in order of priority, with realistic timescales allowed for the completion of each activity. Planzai is easy to use and plans can even be shared on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.”

One of the most difficult challenges facing the Planzai team has been to decide which markets to initially focus upon.

“There are potentially unlimited opportunities to help consumers and businesses to successfully resolve complex life problems and business challenges. Having completed research into problem areas, we are now focusing upon the parenting and enterprise sectors. In the media sector we have already formed a partnership with the Family Media Group, publishers of Northern Ireland’s largest ABC distributed family magazine Ni4kids and website,” Dale said.

Gary Hamilton, Family Media Group Managing Director, says “Planzai provides an excellent opportunity for brands to engage with customers in a more meaningful and valuable way. It provides expert help to consumers when they need it most, and because it has web and mobile aspects, it can prove to be a constant companion.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years