Slack leads the way as Digital Hub attracts 5 new start-ups in Q2

8 Jul 2015

The Digital Hub, Dublin. Image by Luke Maxwell

The Digital Hub in Dublin’s Liberties area is closing in on 100 start-ups after another successful quarter saw five operations join the fold, including the messaging and search platform Slack.

A total of 41 jobs were created as part of the introduction of Slack, Digital Strategy Consultants,, Tenergo Partnering and Square1.

That brings the number of jobs placed in the Digital Hub to close to 700, with expansion planned by the new entrants.

‘We’re confident the second half of 2015 will see further growth of new and existing Hub companies’

Slack, the San Francisco-headquartered popular messaging platform, recently set up its European HQ here, planning to bring 100 jobs to the capital over the next couple of years.

Despite being just over a year old, Slack has more than 750,000 daily active users, making it the fastest-growing business app ever.

The Digital Hub, a significant milestone

“The launch of our European headquarters is a significant milestone for Slack as we grow our business,” said James Sherrett, Slack’s Dublin-based accounts team lead.

“With an initial focus on customer experience and account management, our Dublin office will play a central role in our international footprint.”

Digital Strategy Consultants works with advanced digital marketing analytics, while MyFamilyKey is a new genealogy website. Tenergo is a business development service, while Square1 is a software development company.

“The two key things for us in choosing The Digital Hub were its central location and brand recognition,” said Diego Solorzano, COO of Square1.

Location, location, location

“Being located in the city centre means we’re close to a number of our existing clients, and identifying ourselves as a ‘Digital Hub company’ when talking to new clients is also a big plus.

“Even when the clients aren’t too familiar with the tech industry, they’ve typically heard of The Digital Hub and some of the more notable alumni, so it’s helpful in opening doors that way.”

The Grainstore building has yet to be opened, which will happen later this year and create more room in The Digital Hub for even more start-ups.

“We are confident that the second half of 2015 will continue to see success and further growth of the new and existing Hub companies,” said Gerry Macken, CEO of The Digital Hub.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic