Start-up facts you may not have known (infographic)

23 Oct 2015

Start-ups are the lifeblood of every nation’s economy — for it is start-ups that, all going well, grow into the big companies that end up employing lots of people and contributing heavily to a country’s economy.

There has been much talk about start-ups recently with the Budget 2016 being criticised by many, including IVCA head Brian Caulfield, for not doing enough to help entrepreneurs and encourage more start-ups in Ireland.

There was also the news yesterday from the European Digital City Index, in which Dublin was ranked eight (of 35) when it comes to how attractive it is for companies that are both starting up and scaling up.

So, with these things in mind, we decided it was an opportune time to share this infographic, compiled by the people at, which details 27 things you may not know about start-ups.

To be honest, there are a lot of things in this infographic that many people would know, but it does still reveal some interesting information.

Click on the infographic if you wish to see an even bigger version of it.

Start-up infographic


Main image via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.