The million-dollar entrepreneurial idea (infographic)

26 Sep 2013

A Ryan Gosling Instagram Replacer and Facebook Game Invite Replier are among the ‘million-dollar ideas’ a new infographic presents tech entrepreneurs in the making.

The infographic by the Maple Kind reveals that the Ryan Gosling Instagram Replacer is an app to replace Instagram selfies with actor Gosling’s face, and the Facebook Game Invite Replier is just that – an automatic reply sent in response to invitations to join games on the social network.

There are also ideas for Twitter, Pinterest, voice conversion, parental control, and even to detangle knots in a set of earphones.

Though the ideas are meant tongue in cheek, perhaps they just might help inspire the next product or service to really enhance the use of apps or the social networking experience.

Courtesy of: The Maple Kind 

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic