The story of Xiaomi — from start-up to tech giant (infographic)

18 Aug 2015

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi isn’t long on the scene, setting up in 2010 to little fanfare. How, then, has it emerged as one of the leading players in a marketplace occupied by giants of old?

Samsung and Apple are caught in a consistent, never-ending battle to dominate the smartphone market. The South Korean company shifts far more units, while its American counterpart bags increasingly larger profits.

But below this tier there are a whole range of interesting players:

  • You have OnePlus, the elusive, sleek, premium player
  • Huawei, the behemoth reawakening after a few years of slumber
  • Sony, a maker of fine devices that, for any number of reasons, just haven’t quite taken hold
  • Microsoft, continually trying, and failing, to crack the Samsung, Apple duopoly.

Future Human

But lurking throughout this esteemed group is Xiaomi, which has, in its short existence on this Earth, risen to take a place firmly among the top 5 in the world in terms of sales.

Originally operating solely in China, success has poured in. This has seen Xiaomi expand into new markets – in both geographic and product terms – with its embracing of flash sales a genuine eyecatcher.

Its sales are rocketing, though perhaps slower than originally – and optimistically – suggested. But all in all it’s firmly on the up.

This infographic from TechInAsia explains the company’s timeline very well.

Xiaomi timeline

Main image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic