Website launched to allow comparison of Institute of Technology courses

16 Feb 2010

A new website,, was launched today to allow users to compare hundreds of courses from all the institutes of technology (ITs) easily online.

All 14 ITs offer courses directly related to starting and running a business as well as other specific courses that can help to top up particular skills if you’re a start-up.

Officially launched by RTÉ news presenter Sharon Ní Bheoláin, is being described as a unique tool, allowing members of the public who are interested in developing their career opportunities to find a course that best fits their schedule. 

The site offers information on courses in various formats, including online courses, distance learning, or in the classroom, all of which are flexible, thereby allowing the user to find a course that will fit in with their lifestyle and availability. There is information on the range of courses available in areas such as engineering, science, business, management, technology, marketing and education.

Course recommendations

The search function allows visitors to simply enter their query on the homepage, or alternatively the advanced search option allows a more specific search such as institution, learning method, or location. Online application is a core feature of the site, allowing visitors to apply online for any of the courses available. A unique feature of is the course recommendation system, which automatically generates recommendations that might be relevant to the individual needs of a visitor to the site. 

Ní Bheoláin said at the launch: “This impressive website will be so valuable to people across the country who might feel that they’re trapped in their job, or that they really want to move forward in their career but don’t have the qualifications. will show people that, no matter how little time they think they might have with work and family commitments, there are hundreds of courses available to them at a time that suits them.”

Courses on offer

Commenting at the launch, Dr Richard Thorn, director of Flexible Learning, Institutes of Technology Ireland, noted: “With such a challenging landscape still in existence for career development, will offer users a convenient way to research courses that will fit in with any time schedules. This will allow those in full-time jobs to have the flexibility to attain further qualifications, and build a better future for themselves. Our extensive research has shown that many individuals may feel that they have no way forward when considering their career options, and we encourage these people to ‘click the brick’ and see what courses are on offer through”

Photo: View of the new BlueBrick website that was launched on 16 February, 2010. The site allows people to navigate what type of courses are on offer at the various institutes of technology, particularly if they are starting or running a business or if they want to brush up on or learn certain skills

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