Irish online economy absolutely skyrocketing (infographic)

6 May 2015

E-commerce rocket, via Shutterstock

The Irish e-commerce industry is undergoing immense growth, with consumer spending up more than half on this time last year.

The 53pc rise comes on the back of a 26pc rise in website traffic, with average spend, obviously, increasing significantly.

What’s pretty cool is, as the 4.8pc growth in the Irish economy as a whole is praised by EU leaders – we’re the teacher’s pet again, yay – the online economy is rocketing up 11 times faster.

Retail in general rose 59pc year-on-year, which is 74 times faster than that of the tangible retail figures. Elsewhere, travel buying, a blue-chip online economy if ever there was one, is still growing.

Mobile shopping is rising, fast. From just under a quarter of the whole market to just over a third, it has eaten into desktop e-commerce traffic, which dropped from 58pc in Q1 2014, to 48pc a year later.

Interestingly, tablet usage remains the exact same, at 18pc, despite the tablet industry in general contracting faster than an accordion squashed by a piano. Also, our indigenous businesses are selling more abroad.

Here’s Wolfgang Digital’s infographic on the topic.

E-commerce Q1 report 2015 infographic

E-commerce rocket image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic