Weekend takeaway: 10 tech stories you need to read right now

18 Dec 2015

Top CIO predictions; broadband more important than batteries; and Netflix DIY guide

Top CIO predictions, broadband more important than batteries and Netflix DIY guide.

1. 20 top CIO predictions and insights for 2016

As digital transformation disrupts the world, we spoke to some of the top CIOs about their areas of focus for 2016 and the technologies they believe will make a difference in the years ahead.

2. Ireland’s leading start-ups name their all-time tech heroes

We asked some of Ireland’s leading start-ups if they had five minutes to spend with a tech hero of theirs, who would it be and why?

3. 5 ocean energy research labs making waves in Ireland

Behind wind energy, ocean energy is Ireland’s ‘rising tide’ when it comes to renewable energy generation, and here are five centres around the country helping to contribute to it.

4. Apple names Jeff Williams as its new chief operating officer

Apple has named Jeff Williams as chief operating officer of the technology giant while global marketing chief Phil Schiller will see his role expanded to lead the App Store across all Apple platforms.

5. NASA’s 3D-printed rocket is almost ready

NASA claims it is 75pc of the way there with its first-ever 3D-printed rocket engine after another batch of parts were tested this week.

6. Is the Silicon Valley funding well drying up?

The pace of Silicon Valley’s explosion into societal consciousness, its shift from mild irrelevance to primary industry hub, may actually be grinding to a halt, with funding floundering below the surface.

7. Broadband more important than batteries this digital Christmas as Irish splurge €852m online

Apparently broadband is more important to Irish consumers this Christmas than batteries, according to a survey. Well, if that’s the case, spare a thought for the 300,000 homes and 100,000 businesses eagerly waiting to join the 21st century.

8. 7 reasons why Ireland is the best place on Earth to host data (infographic)

An infographic highlights why Ireland is the best place in the world to host your data. As well as being the international crossroads for global communication, Ireland is home to more than 1,000 multinationals and ICT accounts for €50bn worth of exports, and it has its green credentials fully in order.

9. Netflix DIY guide tells you how to build and program binge-watching IoT socks

Netflix is one of the unlikeliest sources of DIY guides for makers looking to get in on the internet of things (IoT), but now the company is offering a DIY guide to building socks that know when you’ve fallen asleep.

10. Star Wars says you’re such a kriffing clanker (infographic)

There are some words we simply can’t bring ourselves to say in public, or type on screen. Of these you are aware, perhaps. But, did you know Star Wars has its own sordid collection of insults? Well you should have, you lurdo!

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years