Where’s the digital strategy? European Tech Cluster calls on Irish Govt to get focused

25 Jul 2012

Denis Collins, chairman, it@cork/European Tech Cluster

The Irish Government has been called upon to ensure that the IT industry in Ireland plays a key role in the new €2.25bn Capital Investment Programme unveiled last week.

European Tech Cluster chairman Denis Collins points out that a robust, export-led knowledge economy creates wealth in its own regard and will be a major stimulus to the domestic economy, driving rapid economic recovery and job creation across the board.

“The Irish economy is now more than ever dependant on the trade of knowledge over a high functioning IT infrastructure.

“Broadband is lifeline of global business today, important for foreign direct investment, critical for cloud-based technologies and essential for primary and secondary school children to access and utilise programmes and other knowledge base applications through their education.”

The European Tech Cluster is a not-for-profit independent business organisation representing the needs of the IT industry and grew out of a strategy position led by regional group it@cork.

Why digital can help Ireland’s economy get back on track

Collins said technology and the knowledge economy should be valued by the Government as strategic to getting Ireland’s economy back on track.

“ICT is valued at €28.2bn of Irish exports – 38pc of total exports. This is fuelling our economy,” explained Collins.

“We need to innovate in our industry, but we also need to innovate in how we work with the Government and state agencies to help us to achieve more with less,” he added.

“We must seize the moment to leverage the IT industry for growth across the entire economy.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years