An Apple AirPods parody site says what we are all thinking

9 Sep 2016

With the announcement of the iPhone 7 came the reveal of Apple’s wireless headphones, AirPods. While many criticised the company’s move, one website nailed what Apple is all about – with a heavy dose of satire.

If you find yourself looking in on the Apple hype machine from the outside, then you probably cringed hard when the company took to the stage to describe its removal of the headphone jack as an act of ‘courage’.

The reality is, of course, that, by removing the headphone jack, they can squeeze an extra bit of hardware into the device while encouraging people to cough up the $159 needed for the Bluetooth AirPods headphones.

“The reason to move on: courage. The courage to move on and do something new that betters all of us,” said Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, on stage at the event. His proclamation resulted in an awful lot of mocking online.

Perhaps one of the best putdowns of Apple – albeit in a friendly, satirical way – was a new parody website from a small design company called Nicer.


Image via Nicer

Designed almost exactly like Apple’s own website, this Nicer site purports to sell a device called the ‘Apple Plug’ to help owners of older iPhones ‘upgrade’ to the headphone-less experience of an iPhone 7.

The team at Nicer couldn’t be more accurate about how Apple would try to sell such a product.

“You’ll find it is designed to fit seamlessly into the outdated headphone connector, transforming last year’s phone into a modern masterpiece as beautifully as you’d expect from Apple,” the website states.

“Once in place, Apple Plug cannot be removed. But why would you want to? Would you want to downgrade? We didn’t think so.”

iPhone headphone jack image via Wachiwit/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic