Wet your beaks with Midnight’s latest hashtag, #BirdCelebs

7 Jan 2016

Siliconrepublic.com perennial favourite Midnight strikes again with another globally trending hashtag – #BirdCelebs.

Those who read Siliconrepublic.com on the regular will know we’re no strangers to covering Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central vehicle, Midnight, which consistently proffers up hilarious hashtags that hit Twitter’s top trends almost immediately.

Notable efforts have included #Clickbaitamovie and #ScaryStoryIn5Words.

This latest one isn’t a wholly original hashtag, though. #BirdCelebs has been used as far back as 2009.

The hashtag has flared up with varying degrees of success since then, but it really took off last night (and into today) when Midnight sent out the siren (bird?) call.

Many fantastic tweets were spawned as a result:

For our money, though, the best came with pictures.


Of course, there was the at-this-stage prerequisite Star Wars effort.

Some went pop-art.

(We forgive this tweeter for mixing up crows and chickens, just for the sheer inventiveness of the pic.)

Some over-reached slightly, but to decent effect.

(That’s Michael Bloomberg, for anyone who couldn’t get there.)

Some stepped away from the purest interpretation of the hashtag to just sling some shade at celebs. Sometimes that shade is fairly accurate, though.

Some were downright terrible attempts. Guys, you can’t just throw any bird name in there and hope it works. A little effort please. #smdh

Finally, a heartwarming (almost) true story about a real #BirdCeleb.

Depending on where you look, Buzz is short for buzzer, bruzzer or buzzard, but points for timeliness all the same, kid.

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Celebrity bird image via Shutterstock


Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic