Kim Kardashian, gingers and now Mr Tayto: emoji nightmares ahoy

25 Apr 2016

Mr Tayto, via Tayto emoji app

What started as a shout out to our ginger peers grew to an ‘I can market myself in ways you never thought possible’ with Kim Kardashian’s line of emojis. Now, Mr Tayto is involved. And it’s terrible.

Last summer, ginger emojis, the one thing missing from the world of communications, were created, rendering every other technological invention to date far less important.

Swyft Media was the company behind it and the emojis were somewhat overpowering, dominating your screen – not along the more subtle, Unicode lines of text replacement.

They acted like stickers in Viber, rather than smileys in texts.

Ginger Emoji Range

Then things got very 2010s, very capitalist, very Kardashian.

“We first started thinking of all the emojis that we thought were missing and kinda went from there,” wrote Kim Kardashian West in a post on the making of the Kimojis.


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Who doesn’t want these?

Tayto emojis

Now Tayto has gotten involved, with its marketing character Mr Tayto the star of a new Tayto emoji suite. Only this time they’re even bigger than stickers. Here’s what they look like in WhatsApp:

Mr Tayto Emoji

If using a Tayto emoji is your thing, you can get the emoji keyboard on at the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic