The Matrix’s lobby shoot-out gets recreated in Lego

23 Mar 2015

Lego Neo prepares for an assault. Photo via YouTube

Famous movie moments recreated in Lego are fairly common, but few are as well executed as this new block-y version of the famous lobby shoot-out from bugged-out 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix.

Created by stop motion animator and YouTube user Snooperking, the clip sees Neo and Trinity, armed to the absolute teeth, storm the entrance hall of the building where comrade Morpheus is being held.

Every high-flying, bullet-dodging, sunglasses-wearing moment is replicated shot-for-shot with audio taken from the original film. Favourite moments include the reveal that Neo is packing a serious amount of weaponry, illustrated here with a river of Lego guns that spill out from this coat, and the sight of blu tac used to suspend Trinity as she runs along a wall to dodge fire.

Snooperking has also released a behind-the-scenes clip that shows the attention to detail that goes into such a project. “This one 6 second scene took over an hour and a half to film and photoshop,” he wrote in the description.

Click below to watch the finished video.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic