Twitter account highlights double standards working mums deal with

21 Oct 2015

“Striking a successful balance between fatherhood and work can be one of the most difficult juggling acts a man faces in his life. Many men feel very conflicted between career aspirations and family responsibilities.”

Wait, what?

Lines like that aren’t something you read terribly often in relation to men, which is exactly what the Man Who Has It All Twitter and Tumblr accounts (from which those lines are taken) are aiming to highlight.

To highlight how ridiculous some of the statements aimed at working mums are, the parody Twitter account turns the advice on its head and aims it at working dads instead.

The Twitter account, which offers ‘Top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood’, has been active since May but has been getting a lot of attention lately and so far has close to 58,000 followers. Some of the sage advice it offers to ‘hard-working dads’ includes:

The person behind the Man Who Has It All accounts wishes to remain anonymous but, speaking to The Huffington Post, said the principal message of the account was to highlight how ridiculous the “crap” directed at working mums by the media and advertising sounds when it is directed at men.

Man Who Has It All wasn’t the only Twitter account highlighting how the genders are treated differently this week, with the mother of popstar Ariana Grande tweeting the below photo to show that shops seem to believe women are only interested in celebrity magazines, while men apparently have a much broader range of interests.

Her popstar daughter responded, causing the tweet to go viral.

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Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.