Twitter reels with news that Garth Brooks may be plotting a return to Ireland

17 Oct 2014

Image via Featureflash/Shutterstock

A speculative comment from a Billboard journalist has sparked reports that country music singer Garth Brooks could revisit the idea of playing a series of gigs in Ireland, and Twitter is erupting with the news.

The Billboard article by Ray Waddell centres on the music mega-star’s record-breaking North American tour, and references plans for European and Australian dates as the tour stretches into 2015.

Waddell then adds, “The ill-fated five Croke Park shows (in Dublin) originally meant to start this cycle would have been worth US$100m in total gross, and Brooks will surely make a huge play in Ireland before all is said and done.”

Of course, Brooks’ plans are merely speculation at this point, but that hasn’t stopped numerous reports of the prodigal son’s return to Ireland.

Earlier this year, 400,000 fans were left bereft when Dublin City Council refused to grant permission for a planned five-night run in Croke Park, as the deal between Brooks, concert promoters Aiken and the GAA (owners of the venue) was in violation of limitations agreed with local residents.

At the time, the will-he, won’t-he turmoil dominated headlines in Ireland and, as we await further confirmation from Brooks or Aiken Promotions, the Chrome plugin to block Garth Brooks news may be warranted for users who’ve already had enough.

Despite the insatiable demand for the abandoned series of Garth Brooks concerts, Twitter users hot off the mark to add their commentary to the latest news are not too keen on the idea of the country crooner having another bash.

And in one more prescient tweet, Twitterer Colm Tobin suggested Brooks gigs as an economic stimulus package during the Government’s Budget announcement. What does he know that we don’t?

We’ll leave the final word on the matter with the man himself.

Garth Brooks image by Featureflash via Shutterstock

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