Accenture announced back in January of this year that, as part of a pilot programme with Electric Ireland, 600 homes and businesses across Ireland would get the chance to trial Accenture’s Connected Platforms as a Service (CPaaS).

As part of this IoT platform, users can remotely enable or automate control of multiple smart devices using a number of smart plugs, and have monitors to measure electricity consumption installed throughout the premises.

However, from Russell’s dealings with Accenture’s clients who are looking to move into the IoT field, he said to that in Ireland, especially, businesses are understanding fast the potential connected technology offers them.

“Clients that I’m working with currently are starting to understand what the potential would be, what the impact on their industry could be… [of] taking early strides along what I’m sure will be a very interesting journey in the years ahead,” he said.

Words by Colm Gorey