AOL’s DevFest 2016 was held in Dublin from 16-18 August, where its engineers chatted about developing new ways of navigating a world of ones and zeros.

Held in The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in the heart of Dublin, the focus was on the voices of the engineers, rather than the managers within AOL.

Speaking with, the SVP of engineering at AOL Platforms, Aengus McClean, said that based on feedback from last year, there was too much focus on managers and not the developers themselves.

Aside from the developers coming together to discuss the issues that matter to them, a number of speakers from AOL were also in Dublin.

Among those was AOL Platform’s chief product officer, Ernie Cormier, and the company’s digital prophet, David Shing, otherwise known as ‘Shingy’.

Explaining the importance of events like DevFest, Shing said: “Every single thing we touch… is made from ones and zeros, so we need to understand what code does.”

Words by Colm Gorey