To learn about Deloitte's upskilling programmes, visited the company's Dublin office.

Since the EU designated 2023 as the European Year of Skills, there has been a considerable effort by various companies to improve their upskilling capabilities. To find out about one such company and its efforts, headed down to Deloitte and heard about its Student Teacher Internship (STINT) programme.

Sinéad Coughlan, senior manager at Deloitte, described STINT as a “DCU learning initiative which collaborates with a variety of researchers and industry partners and offers teacher internships to STEM companies”.

Robyn Duggan, a science with education student at Maynooth University, participated in the STINT programme. From learning skills in coding and robotics to being taught how to integrate these skills into the classroom, Duggan described his experience as “amazing”.

“Through doing this internship, I have a breadth of knowledge of different types of careers in STEM.

“I can transfer that knowledge to students and help them decide what they want to do or even just [let them know] that the options are there for them.”

Coughlan added that through the programme, participants get a closer look at the diverse range of roles and opportunities in STEM.

“We’re hoping this will lead to a more gender-balanced workforce in the future.”


Words by Colin Ryan