Enterprise Ireland and the wider tech community in Ireland are putting the spotlight on research and innovation.

As part of the Enterprise Ireland Summit, SiliconRepublic.com heard from several leaders in the Irish tech and business community about the secret to Ireland’s success.

The State agency’s head of research and innovation, Marina Donohoe said Enterprise Ireland invests heavily in R&D.

“Innovation is critical in terms of companies’ ability to stay ahead and to be resilient and to continue to grow business,” she said.

Meanwhile Combilift co-founder and CEO Martin McVicar also said investment in R&D has been a major reason for Ireland’s success.

“There’s so many Irish companies that have developed very innovative products that are solution-focused and that has allowed those companies to really build marketable products because the reality is we can’t be the jack of all trades,” he said.

“A lot of companies have focused on niche products, product development for specific market segments, and that has allowed Irish companies to be successful worldwide.”


Words by Jenny Darmody