Wondering about the types of skills Liberty IT is looking for in new hires? We spoke to Emma Mullan from its recruitment team to find out.

While Covid-19 has impacted many businesses, Liberty IT is still hiring. In fact, the company’s talent and development manager, Emma Mullan, told us that her team is “recruiting pretty much all of the time”.

We recently caught up with Mullan remotely to learn more. She told us about the opportunities opening up at Liberty IT across AI, machine learning, serverless technologies and data science.

“We are certainly at the cutting edge of all of that,” Mullan said. “So, for me and from my experience of the people who work at Liberty IT, it’s certainly a fast-moving and an exciting industry to work in right now.”

To adapt in this fast-moving sector, she added that new hires will need to be creative, flexible and able to collaborate with others.


Words by Lisa Ardill