MSD’s Claire Kelly spoke about the growth of automation and data tools and how they can be used to transform the way employees work.

We spoke to MSD’s Claire Kelly about how work processes have changed in her company with the rise of new digital skills and tools.

“Within our programmes we have the citizen development, and that’s where we are putting the tools into the hands of the business, where we’ve been able to have citizens come on board and bring RPA and automation to bear on some of their processes.

“So that’s a really exciting space,” she said, adding that the company is replicating it in analytics and process mining.

“From the reporting and analytics space, the demand is huge and we have so much data and so much powerful data and really it’s about identifying what we need to bring to the business to bring value. How do we do that in a kind of a smart way, so that we’re reducing our technical debt, bringing in automations into that space as well, but also meeting the needs and the demands of the business”


Words by Jenny Darmody