Guro McCrea of New Relic talks about what the software company is looking for in new hires.

What’s the key to getting a job at a top software company? Guro McCrea, senior director of EMEA solution engineering at New Relic, discussed just that with the team at

She talked about the company’s hiring processes and the skills and attributes it looks for in prospective candidates. In particular, showing passion is what makes interviewees stand out, according to McCrea.

“My advice for someone starting their career in this industry would be two things. Number one is to be customer-focused, so think about the customer first – we’re trying to help customers grow their business and be better at what they do. Number two is to be creative.”

But perhaps most important to her are candidates that add value to the company culture at New Relic.

“We don’t want everyone to be the same as what we have already,” she said. “We’re looking for people that would add to our culture. We appreciate the diversity that we have.”


Words by Lisa Ardill