We visited Pramerica in Letterkenny to find out about its Pride business resource group, and what it means for LGBTQ employees.

At Pramerica, the Pride business resource group is an important part of the company’s culture.

The group is driven by a range of employees throughout the company, and we got the chance to talk to some of them when we visited Pramerica’s office in Letterkenny.

Employee relations specialist Tracy Moore, for example, explained the Pride group’s main objectives. These include raising awareness around LGBTQ issues both inside and outside of the organisation and being a catalyst for change.

We also spoke to digital campaign specialist Pauric Havlin and software developer Pat Doohan. Both Havlin and Doohan are involved in driving the group forward, and they believe in the value it can bring to people working at Pramerica currently, as well as those joining the company in the future.

Relaying his own experiences of joining the company as an LGBTQ person, Havlin said: “Knowing that you have that support from the top down is a really beautiful thing.

“This is the first time that I’ve really felt that being different is actually an advantage, because you’ve got more to offer outside of your normal role.”


Words by Lisa Ardill