Talent Garden CEO Davide Dattoli explains the strategic reasons behind the launch of a Dublin co-working space.

“Talent Garden is the biggest network of co-working space and innovation space around Europe. We have more than 23 campuses in eight different countries,” said Talent Garden CEO and co-founder Davide Dattoli at the launch of Talent Garden Dublin.

Dublin was selected as the newest city in the Talent Garden network as a strategic bridge-point between the US and Europe, particularly in a post-Brexit world.

“After Brexit, we think that Dublin can really become the hub spot for technology in Europe,” said Dattoli.

Talent Garden has also been strategic in selecting Dublin City University as its partner in Dublin, launching its first Irish location on the DCU Alpha campus. Pairing with a university will provide business members and entrepreneurs with access to academic skills from a student body made up of more than 22pc international students, he explained.


Words by Elaine Burke