Sandy Gould, VP of talent acquisition at Verizon Media, explains why candidates should be honest and humble during the interview process.

“Our focus in building talent is to make sure that we invest in the person, in their core superpowers and capabilities, and growing their career,” Verizon Media’s Sandy Gould says with a nod and hands gesticulating sharply. “We do that from the very first moment of the first interview.”

This is, Gould explains, core to Verizon’s recruitment strategy, which seeks not only to attract the best talent but retain it, while ensuring people can rise to their full potential. That’s what he does – he helps people discover, and strengthen, their ‘superpowers’.

Much of his philosophy towards his role stems from a believe that authenticity and individuality are core tenets to the recruitment process, and so just as he attempts to bring that to how he recruits, he believes that prospective jobseekers should aim to show talent managers who they really are during the interview stage.

To find out more about Gould’s theories on how to stand out and get the role you’re after, check out his interview in full above.


Words by Eva Short