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New Samsung Galaxy S III ad makes fun of iPhone 5 buyers (video)

New Samsung Galaxy S III ad makes fun of iPhone 5 buyers (video)

New Samsung Galaxy S III ad makes fun of iPhone 5 buyers (video)

The Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone

There’s no love lost between Samsung and its rival in the smartphone market, Apple, and it seems even the Apple fanbois aren’t safe from the South Korean manufacturer’s derision, as is clear from the latest advertisement for the Galaxy S III.

Depicting the long lines of queueing Apple fans in cities across the US, the commercial shows excited iPhone 5 buyers discussing the features of the new device.

Enter the Galaxy S III users to rain all over their parade.

Sure, the iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and 4G – but the Galaxy S III has had that since it launched in May (and the screen is still bigger, too). The advertisement also addresses the iPhone 5’s lack of NFC and the need for an adaptor, thanks to its new Lightning dock connector.

Poking fun at Apple’s most hardcore fans is nothing new and Samsung is simply jumping on a bandwagon that is already jam-packed, as the reaction to the iPhone 5 launch on various social media forums proves. (And, when some fans are as clueless as those on Jimmy Kimmel Live, they kind of deserve it.)


The video follows a print ad already released by Samsung that highlights the S III’s long list of features when compared to the iPhone 5. In a reference to Apple’s Genius Bar in-store tech support, the ad proclaims “It doesn’t take a genius”, as Samsung takes a heavy-handed approach in telling the world that “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”.

Samsung Galaxy S III print advertisement

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