DJI acquires majority stake in Swedish camera maker Hasselblad

6 Jan 2017

Hasselblad is the maker of iconic, highly prized cameras that have been everywhere, even to the moon. Image: Thampapon/Shutterstock

Chinese drone maker DJI is understood to have acquired a majority stake in iconic Swedish camera brand Hasselblad.

The move comes a year after DJI took a minority stake in the Swedish camera company, which was founded in 1941.

Hasselblad’s camera technology was used by NASA throughout the 1960s and their devices were even used to capture the iconic Apollo moon photographs.

The Swedish company’s heyday was in the era of analogue photography, when their aluminium-enclosed cameras were in high demand amongst accomplished photographers.

Hasselblad ventured into the digital photography space in 2002 with its H1 camera system.

The company’s fortunes ebbed and flowed as it made its own proprietary camera and digital back system. It was bought and sold a number of times before ending up in the hands of venture capital owner Ventizz.

The Hasselblad star begins to shine again

According to Luminous Landscape, under the leadership of CEO Perry Oosting, the company’s star has begun to rise again, thanks to the company refocusing its efforts on the H6 camera line and a new system, the X1D.

Under the new deal, DJI now owns the majority share of Hasselblad and this could propel both companies in a number of new directions.

For example, Hasselblad’s high-end camera technology could be integrated into drones or DJI may choose to expand its consumer proposition with digital cameras.

DJI may also opt to allow Hasselblad to double down and regain its status as an innovation leader in desirable camera technology by getting its supply chain in order, fulfilling mass orders and improving its marketing.

Hasselblad camera, Ferrari edition. Image: Thampapon/Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years