Eircom taken to task over repair practices

31 Jul 2007

An investigation by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) alleges that Eircom was providing preferential treatment in terms of network repair services to its Eircom Retail division over other licensed operators.

The allegation comes just a week after ComReg warned Eircom of alleged discriminatory practice against other licensed operators in terms of interconnect.

ComReg has told Eircom that it is required under the regulatory framework not to discriminate against other authorised operators (OAOs) with regard to interconnect services or repair services.

It reminded Eircom that it must provide similar conditions and quality of service to OAOs as they would their own subsidiaries or partners.

ComReg said it began an investigation in December into discriminatory practices relating to public switched telephone network (PSTN) line service repair, after being alerted by consumers and other operators.

It says it found evidence that from December last year the performance of Eircom’s repair service provided to other operators did not meet the same quality as that afforded to Eircom Retail.

ComReg says that as a result Eircom is not in compliance with its non-discrimination obligations under various European regulations.

It has given Eircom one month to either respond to the charge or prove that its repair service for Eircom Retail is the same quality as that offered to other operators.

By John Kennedy