Energis and UTV in multimillion tech deal

2 Aug 2005

Telecoms firm Energis and UTV have signed a multimillion euro deal that will see Energis providing telecoms infrastructure and support to UTV Internet in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

It is understood the deal will also see Energis – which claims to be the third largest telco in Ireland – embark on providing single-billing services for UTV Talk services across Ireland.

In recent weeks, siliconrepublic.com learned that UK telecoms giant Cable & Wireless is in talks to acquire the Irish and UK operations of Energis in a transaction valued at around €1bn.

Under the terms of the deal with UTV, Energis will provide UTV with core hosting, networking and internet services along with voice services North and South.

The deal facilitates the expansion of UTV Internet’s customer base across Ireland especially in the key areas of broadband and voice services. As well as this, Energis will continue to provide a number of other services to UTV Internet and UTV Talk.

By John Kennedy