Facebook is a mobile beast – 41pc of Q2 US$1.8bn revenue comes from mobile devices

24 Jul 2013

Any concerns investors in Facebook have had about the social networking giant capturing its share of the mobile wave have been assuaged by the news that some 41pc of the company’s US$1.8bn revenues came from mobile devices.

For the second quarter, Facebook also recorded a profit (GAAP) of US$333m, compared with a loss of US$157m in the year-ago quarter, just shortly after going public in its IPO in May 2012.

“We’ve made good progress growing our community, deepening engagement and delivering strong financial results, especially on mobile,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO.

“The work we’ve done to make mobile the best Facebook experience is showing good results and provides us with a solid foundation for the future.”

The social network, which was started in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, revealed there were, on average, 699m people on the social network every day and monthly active users now stood at 1.1bn people.

Mobile active users (MAUs) stood at 819m, up 51pc year on year. On any given day, daily active users stood at 469m users.

Operational highlights included the launch of Instagram Video, which resulted in 5m videos uploaded in the first 24 hours.

As well as launching products such as Verified Pages, hashtags and embedded posts, Facebook revealed some 100,000 apps have now been built on cloud platform Parse.

The social network’s data centre in Sweden began serving Facebook live users around the world during the quarter using renewable energy.

Facebook revealed that revenue from advertising was US$1.6bn, out of which 41pc came from mobile advertising revenue.

Capital expenditure during the quarter was US$268m, down 35pc on last year.

Husky image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years