Google Maps introduces real-time info for Dublinbikes

17 Jul 2019

Image: © juananbarros/

After a year of testing a new feature on travellers and commuters in NYC, Google Maps is launching it in 23 cities, including Dublin.

Over the last few weeks, Google Maps has been preparing to release some useful new features that will make life for commuters slightly more convenient. One of these is a feature that can predict how busy your train or bus is going to be and another relates to bike-sharing services.

With data provided by Ito World, Google Maps will integrate real-time updates on bike-sharing docks, available to both Android and iOS devices. After a year of testing the feature in New York City, Google is set to release it in 23 more cities, including Dublin. Barcelona, London, Madrid, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the other locations this feature will be launched in. You can see the list in its entirety here.

At present, the function is only compatible with Dublinbikes. The real-time feature will allow users to see where the nearest bike-sharing station is located, how many bikes are available and how many spaces are vacant at each station.

This feature will likely be welcomed by anybody who has ever struggled to find a parking space five minutes before work, an appointment, a meeting or a lecture.

The service works by incorporating Ito World’s global bike-share data feed into Google Maps, which, similarly to Google’s feature that tells users how many seats are left on a train or bus, will allow members of the public to weigh up their transport options.

On top of the 24 cities in 16 countries mentioned above, Google Maps plans to launch this feature in more cities in the future. The update introducing it to Google Maps is now available to download in both Google and Apple’s app stores.

The move follows the introduction of Lime scooters and bikes to Google Maps in December 2018, which started with a roll-out across 13 cities.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic