Intel plans potential sale of McAfee security division

27 Jun 2016

The move to sell off Intel Security could be consistent with Intel's overall plans to move away from the PC world and focus instead on making chips for IoT and data centres

Intel is exploring options to sell off its Intel Security division, which was formed after it bought McAfee in 2010 for more than $7.7bn.

Intel is in the midst of a major strategic upheaval that is seeing the company move away from personal computers and mobile devices and instead focus on making chips for semiconductors and internet of things devices.

In April, as part of this shift, Intel revealed it is cutting 12,000 jobs worldwide.

According to the Financial Times, likely buyers of the Intel Security division could include a consortium of private equity firms who could buy it for more than the $7.7bn that Intel paid for the company six years ago.

Intel is understood to be talking to bankers about the future of its cyber security unit in a deal that could be the largest in the sector.

It is a time of mega-acquisitions. Dell recently agreed to buy EMC for $67bn and, in recent weeks, Microsoft has agreed to buy LinkedIn for $26bn.

Intel image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years