Microsoft claims Motorola infringed smartphone patents

23 Aug 2011

Microsoft has alleged that Google most recent acquisition, Motorola Mobility, has infringed seven of its patents and is requesting an injunction against six of its Android phones.

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft began arguing its case to the International Trade Commission in Washington and has asked that it bans the import of six of Motorola’s smartphones.

The devices include the Droid 2, the Droid X, the Cliq XT, the Devour, the Backflip and the Charm.

The functions heard in the testimony included ways to synchronise email, calandars and contacts along with notifications for signal strength and battery power.

The findings of this case will be released on 4 November and the investigation is scheduled to be complete by 5 March.

Microsoft first filed a lawsuit against Motorola in 2010, sparking Motorola to file a counter lawsuit.

Smartphone patents

The case against Motorola Mobility is the first heard since Google agreed to acquired it for US$12.5bn.

It’s the latest in several smartphone patent disputes between numerous companies, including Apple vs Samsung and Apple vs HTC.

Google has claimed there is a “bogus campaign” against Android, saying that several tech companiesbanded together to purchase Novell’s and Nortel’s old patents to challenge the Android platform. Microsoft hit back, claiming that Google were invited to purchase the patents too.

Google, who were not mentioned in the complaint, will gain 17,000 patents in its acquisition with Motorola, along with 7,500 patent applications.