Web Summit denies Dublin MoneyConf event linked to Enda Kenny leaving

6 Jun 2017

Scene from MoneyConf 2016. Image: Vincenzo Rigogliuso/MoneyConf/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

After weeks of speculation, Web Summit has confirmed that its sister fintech conference, MoneyConf, is coming to Dublin.

Since Web Summit announced its decision to move the major tech conference to Lisbon, the relationship between Paddy Cosgrave, its organisers and the Irish Government has been frosty.

However, at a time when Web Summit is opening its first office outside of Ireland – in its new Lisbon location – it was suggested that an olive branch was being offered back to Dublin in the form of MoneyConf, a sister fintech conference.

Future Human

Now, the organisation has confirmed that, as of next year, MoneyConf will be making the move to Dublin.

In a post to Facebook, it said: “Brexit is transforming Dublin as a financial centre. Major banks, credit card companies and fintech start-ups have all signed leases in recent months. JP Morgan is moving up to 1,000 bankers alone to Dublin from London. It’s an incredible moment.

“And it’s in this moment that we’re moving MoneyConf, which is already one of the world’s leading financial services and fintech conferences, to our hometown Dublin.”

The statement specified that the decision had nothing to do with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s decision to step down as leader of Fine Gael.

Back in April, Web Summit co-founder Cosgrave refused to confirm the return of MoneyConf to Dublin, but cited improved relations between the organisation and the Government.

“We’re back working with the Irish Government,” Cosgrave said. “The Web Summit’s most important supporter from the start, by a wide margin, was [IDA Ireland].

“They’re back as one of our partners. There’s a lot of positivity and a lot of change. It’s an interesting time for Ireland, and not just because of Brexit.”

MoneyConf 2016. Image: Vincenzo Rigogliuso/MoneyConf/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic