Sale will ‘bring real benefits’, Komplett manager says

12 Jan 2010

Following today’s announcement that Komplett is selling its BV unit, which includes, and, to ParaDigit Holding, Komplett Ireland manager Aaron McKenna said the deal will “bring real benefits both to our business and to our customers in the very near future”.

“I’d like to say that from a personal perspective as country manager for Ireland I think this is a positive move,” said McKenna, adding that the deal will be formally concluded on 1 April and that for the moment there will be no immediate changes or effects noticeable from a customer perspective.

“From the first of April, we will be moving forward with what I expect to be an extremely interesting and exciting plan to expand the business. Our plan, long term, in Ireland, is to remain the market leader in e-commerce in what is a relatively small but fast-growing market for internet shopping,” he added.

By Marie Boran