Trintech to resolve credit card disputes for HBOS

6 Apr 2005

One of the fastest-growing credit card issuers in the UK Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) has signed a deal with Irish e-payment infrastructure firm Trintech to help it resolve cardholder disputes.

HBOS selected Trintech’s PayWare Resolve technology to more efficiently manage cardholder disputes. The dispute processing technology of PayWare Resolve lies at the heart of how HBOS will service its cardholders when disputes arise. By consolidating HBOS’s dispute processing on a single system, PayWare Resolve will enable HBOS to streamline its operations and resolve cardholder disputes faster.

As well as improving efficiency, PayWare Resolve will also help to ensure that HBOS remains compliant as card association dispute rules change. The PayWare Resolve disputes engine is refreshed regularly with compliance updates from Trintech so that users are up to date with the latest regulation changes including the Visa International’s Re-engineering Disputes (RED) programme. A team of Trintech Professional Service experts worked with HBOS to ensure the successful implementation of the project and to ensure compliance with Visa RED.

“When a customer contacts HBOS with a transaction query or dispute, our aim is to process his or her case quickly and efficiently with a quality customer service.” said John Capper, head of banking infrastructure at HBOS. “Speed and accuracy are crucial and PayWare Resolve helps us to achieve on both these measures. By using PayWare Resolve to centrally track and manage all disputed transactions, information is available instantly and processing errors are reduced.”

Project RED is Visa’s ongoing initiative aimed at streamlining dispute resolution rules, providing more accurate and comprehensive information supporting charge backs and reducing the number of charge back reason codes. Once it is rolled out, the Visa RED programme will shorten the dispute resolution cycle by reducing the complexity of the current paper-based, labour-intensive charge back process.

By John Kennedy