Weekend takeaway: Sci-tech women pioneering the future

18 Nov 2016

Essential tech reading for the weekend, including 50 women in science ushering change into our world. Image: Degtiarova Viktoriia/Shutterstock

From women in science leading the world to Three’s data breach, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world.

1. Science 50: The women ushering the world into a new scientific era

Dive into the complete Science 50, celebrating women around the world doing incredible things in science.

2. Three Mobile hit by major data breach in UK with 6m records snatched

One of the biggest mobile operators in the UK, Three Mobile, has been hit by a major data breach that involves the personal data of some 6m customers.

3. US jobseekers’ searches to Ireland double in week after Trump victory

Future Human

Globally, Ireland saw the third-biggest surge in job searches from the US, following the shock Donald Trump victory in the presidential election. New Zealand saw the biggest increase, followed by Canada.

4. Teamwork’s Peter Coppinger: ‘We want to have a huge influence on the world’

Teamwork.com’s Peter Coppinger has ambitions to make Cork Ireland’s software powerhouse and a global go-to location for SaaS. He intends to do so by building a company with revenues of €100m a year.

5. How to nab yourself that elusive sci-tech job

The sci-tech jobs market is rife with opportunity, but how can you go from frustrated applicant to successful hire?

6. How to spot fake news online with one handy Chrome extension

The world is coming to the realisation that there is a lot of fake news on the internet, but now a Google Chrome extension can tell you when something is ‘BS’.

7. Microsoft has an answer for why its number of women has decreased

At a time when Silicon Valley is trying to change its image as a male-dominated industry, Microsoft is seeing the number of women employees drop. However, it believes it has an answer for this.

8. Stephen Hawking sets deadline for last chance to colonise a planet

Renowned astrophysicist Prof Stephen Hawking is putting a bit of pressure on space exploration companies to get us to colonise another planet, by offering a deadline of 1,000 years from now.

9. Black Friday deals: More offers become available

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are major shopping dates on our calendar and, as the time nears, more retailers are revealing what’s on offer.

10. Amazon Prime Video to go global and challenge Netflix in Grand Tour drive

With the impending launch of The Grand Tour, Amazon’s streaming service Amazon Prime is about to go global and take on Netflix around the world in 200 markets.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years