Learn about the drastically different careers paths taken by political world leaders
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Learn about the drastically different careers paths taken by political world leaders

24 Sep 201993 Views

Zety looked at what we can learn by examining the career paths of world leaders.

Whether you’re passionate about politics or simply one to scroll past news stories on your phone, most of us are bombarded daily by images and updates concerning political leaders around the world.

But aside from their actions and politics, looking beyond to their career progression can be incredibly telling.

The career paths of four of the world’s most powerful leaders – Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel – are outlined in report from Zety, comparing the highs and lows side by side.

At a glance, it shows that three out of four have either been fired, investigated or declared bankrupt in their careers before politics.

Widening its focus to include more world leaders, it reported that the most popular career choice before politics is the legal profession, followed by education and media.

What this tells us

The report highlights the wildly different career routes that can be taken to get to your dream job, even if some are less conventional than others.

Though people often travel down drastically different career paths or hit major roadblocks along the way, they can still end up in very similar roles. It would seem that even with some controversial career moments, recoveries can be made.

By Lisa Ardill

Lisa joined the team as senior Careers reporter in July 2019 having worked previously in communications for a digital content technology research centre and in media for Science Foundation Ireland. She has a BA in neuroscience and a master’s degree in science communication. In no particular order, her passions include feminism, human rights, literature, her bichon frise and proper use of the Oxford comma. She likes to both read and write poetry.

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