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How do you get hired at the most forward-thinking tech companies?

14 Sep 2018

What kind of things do employers look for in prospective hires? Are there skill areas you’re neglecting that could make you stand out from the crowd?

People’s priorities have shifted in recent years when it comes to where they want to work. Yes, the conditions and pay still matter, but there are other, deeper considerations that now make a huge different to tech talent.

The tech employees of today want to work for companies that they feel represent values in line with their own. They want to feel like they are making a difference in their work.

There are some companies that encompass these traits, and there are some that don’t. Obviously, people are more keen to get into the former than they are the latter. So, how do you get your foot in the door with these kinds of organisations?

You may be surprised to learn that EY is on the hunt for new tech hires. Far from its accountancy origins, the firm has evolved with the times and is eager to bring in people of varying sectors to help better serve clients.

You’re probably well aware of the hard skills that tech companies seek in applicants, but what about the soft skills? We caught up with Oath’s Cristina Otero to discuss how vital communication skills are in her role as software development manager.

Meanwhile, there was plenty of activity on the jobs creation front for those newly on the jobs market after education, or established professionals looking to make a change.

There were 576 tech jobs announced across Ireland this week. As many of the jobs were announced without specifics about location, though, providing breakdowns by province is difficult.

One trend that is very clear, however, is that the fortune enjoyed by Northern Ireland last week is only set to continue. Digital transformation firm Alchemy revealed that it will hire 256 professionals at a new European centre of excellence soon to be established in Derry.

Professional services firm Deloitte announced that it will take on 280 graduates at its offices dotted around the country. Prospective applicants can choose from eight different programmes. If the concept of making that choice is daunting, the firm already has a solution in place: its new Find Your Fit tool. This online self-assessment tool can help graduates determine which programme would best suit their skillset.

Digital transformation and e-commerce platform provider Monsoon Consulting confirmed this week that it is to take on 15 employees to service its lofty ambitions to double its revenue by 2021.

Also this week, digital transformation company Logicalis stated that it will hire 25 as part of a €1m investment in its own digital transformation.

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Eva Short
By Eva Short

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