Hairless bear and 4 other odd-looking nude animals

14 Sep 2015

A worrying nudity craze among animals appears to be one of the latest trends to hit the web for some reason and, to get the ball rolling, we show a hairless bear and four other weird, nude animals.

It started with a hairless bear, but now the internet can’t seem to get enough of animals without their fur/shell.

The recent trend, appearing on Reddit, of course, has encouraged people to post other animal oddities from across the internet archives, many of which simply just don’t look like the animals we all know.

Unfortunately for the hairless bear, a weird genetic defect that sprung from bears kept at Germany’s Leipzig zoo created a family of bizarre hairless bears.

While it wouldn’t do them much good in the wild, the bears can live a relatively normal life once they are being taken care of by the zookeepers at least.

So aside from Dolores the hairless bear who was photographed, here are four other animals that just look plain weird once they came out of their shell/fur.

1. Hairless bear

Hairless bear

Image via EPA

2. The hairless baboon

Bald baboon

The bald baboon. Image via Ann Warner/Barcroft Media

3. Turtle without its shell

Turtle wihout its shell

Image via

4. Hairless guinea pig

Image via

Image via

5. Hairless baby penguin

Bald penguin

Image via

A very-much hairy black bear cub image via Jason Mrachina/Flickr

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic