BT extends DSL reach and coverage in North

20 Aug 2004

Eircom take note! BT has revealed that it is removing distance related limits for its broadband services, expanding coverage to potentially 50,000 more homes and businesses in Northern Ireland within reach of ADSL.

Following a trial by BT Wholesale, the telco said that it was confident that 512Kbps ADSL services can be provided to people who lived and worked beyond the former limit, which was roughly equivalent to 6km from the nearest exchange. By contrast, in the Republic of Ireland the effective range of DSL is closer to 4km; consumers must live within that distance of the nearest telephone exchange to be sure of receiving a DSL signal.

From 6 September, the reach limit for 512Kbps ADSL will be removed, BT claimed. The company is also increasing the range for 1Mbps services from 4km to 6km, which will make 1Mbps ADSL available to more than 90pc of homes and businesses across Northern Ireland that are connected to a broadband-enabled exchange.

Bill Murphy, chief executive of Esat BT, BT Northern Ireland and managing director of BT Regions said: “By pushing the boundaries on broadband reach we are gaining momentum on our exchange upgrade rollout programme which means we in association with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) and supported by the Building Sustainable Prosperity Programme are forging ahead in achieving our ambition of being the first region in Europe to be fully broadband enabled.

“Those people who thought they were beyond the reach of their exchange should check again. When the new developments come in to force in September, place an order with your service provider and in most cases BT will be able to get broadband to you,” Murphy said.

By John Kennedy