Eircom claims to be on track with broadband strategy

2 Jan 2009

Incumbent fixed-line operator Eircom has said it is on track with its broadband commitment and that it enabled 125 exchanges for broadband in 2008.

The company has also launched a new information portal to increase public awareness of what broadband can do. It will contain local-specific information on broadband availability in various areas, rollout timelines and progress on next-generation networks

In the past week alone, the operator said it broadband-enabled a further eight exchanges.

At present, Eircom said that 1.4 million working telephone lines can support broadband.

“Eircom has repeatedly stated its commitment to broadband rollout,” the company’s chief executive Rex Comb said.

“We have reached a huge milestone today with the enablement of over 125 new exchanges in 2008, bringing our total to over 680 upgraded exchanges in Ireland.

“We intend to build on these achievements and continue the momentum behind broadband rollout into 2009,” Comb added.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years