HEAnet to roll out mobile broadband service for second and third level

21 Jul 2014

HEAnet has signed a three-year deal with Eircom-owned Meteor that will see the mobile operator offer tailor-made mobile broadband packages to more than 180,000 third-level students in Ireland.

The package will also be offered to more than 24,000 third-level staff, as well as 50,000 second and third-level teachers.

Details of what the package includes won’t be revealed until the autumn but centres on Meteor’s 4G network infrastructure.

“We have invested heavily in the Meteor network, and as a result our customers were the first in Ireland to experience 4G,” said Meteor director Niall Dorrian.

“We are very proud to own the largest 4G network in the country and this network will be a great asset to mobile broadband users who can experience seamless superfast broadband on the go – transforming research and study for students and staff in third-level institutions all over the country.”

HEAnet provides all the digital infrastructure for education and research organisations throughout Ireland.

“Today’s student requires every access to e-learning platforms and online research and collaboration tools,” said HEAnet chief executive John Boland.

“This new three-year deal with Meteor can facilitate this and more on its 4G network.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years