Make broadband switching easier, Comreg tells Eircom

15 Jan 2004

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) has instructed Eircom to make it easier for its customers to switch to other broadband providers.

In a move intended stimulate greater competition in the broadband market, ComReg said customers should be able to switch providers without experiencing an interruption in service.

The changes would have the effect of significantly reducing the associated costs faced by competing operators which could, in turn, pass these reductions on to consumers, said ComReg.

Eircom is required to put this facility in place by the 27 January 2004.

Commenting on the announcement, John Doherty, ComReg chairperson, said: “Given the importance of broadband and the need to ensure more competition in its provision, ComReg has intervened and required that this service be in place within the next 14 days.”

By Brian Skelly