Pure addresses urban-rural digital divide

25 Feb 2005

Pure Telecom has embarked on a consultancy-type strategy promising Irish companies broadband from anywhere in the country through a fusion of DSL, wireless and broadband connectivity.

The Irish pan-European telecommunications company says the strategy is aimed at combating the growing urban-rural digital divide experienced by Irish firms.

Essentially the company will examine each individual business’ situation in relation to geography and broadband availability and will recommend an appropriate managed solution in order to ensure their needs are met.

Following an independent assessment of available solutions and precise requirements, Pure Telecom provides full installation, management and support with optional single billing for both voice and internet services.

The new service aims to address the digital divide between Dublin-based businesses and rural businesses by giving rural businesses at least one connectivity option to choose from. The company referred to a recent survey from O2 Ireland that found that 52pc of businesses in Dublin have broadband but this falls to 20pc in Connacht/Ulster, 26pc in the rest of Leinster and 29pc in Munster.

Paul Connell, founding director of Pure Telecom, says: “There is no reason why businesses countrywide shouldn’t be availing of broadband — the service costs less and is at least 10 times faster than standard dial-up access. Put simply, why pay €40 to travel by train when a plane journey only costs €30?”

Connell described the new offering as a “personalised service” that delivers on individual, customer terms. “If for example your company’s line fails the DSL test we will evaluate alternative access options available to you and set you up with the most-effective and efficient service.”

Connell added: “Businesses throughout Ireland now have the choice of at least one type of high-speed connectivity from a single telecoms company. We will manage the process from start to finish and we can now confidently say that broadband is a realistic technology for every business in Ireland.”

By John Kennedy