Should you check your email? (infographic)

20 Apr 2012

A new infographic pokes fun at the question of whether or not email users should check to see if any new messages have landed in their inboxes if they have checked their accounts within the past three minutes.

In this age of mobile devices, checking email can be done in the click of a key and may even become a compulsion.

However, constantly being on a smartphone or laptop to check and respond to email messages could be detrimental to relationships, such as those with family members. “Do you want to keep your family?” the infographic asks. If the answer is ‘no’, the infographic leads to the answer, ‘By all means, jerk, check’.

The infographic designed by Wendy MacNaughton and published on begins with the question, ‘Should I check my email?’ and takes readers through additional questions on a flow chart – such as ‘are you with your family?’ – to help them answer the original question.

Expected important emails, such as those coming from the boss, may warrant looking out for, according to the infographic.